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Toronto Artists Lucija Bojcic and Patricia Kambitsch
Team up to Examine What’s in Your Head

Toronto Artists Lucija Bojcic and Patricia Kambitsch create an
immersive installation exploring brain body connections. It’s All
in Your Head is a two-person art exhibition at Dead End Studio in
Toronto’s Liberty Village including installation art, prints, paintings, wall-
sized ink drawings, and hands-on interactive installations.
It’s all In Your Head runs from August 30- September 16, 2018.
Opening: August 30, 6-10 pm, closing: September 15 2-5 PM.
Lucija Bojcic and Patricia Kambitsch live and create their art in Toronto.

About Artist Lucija Bojcic:

Lucija (Lucy) Bojcic has spent her life
researching trauma, art and healing from every perspective. In 1994 she
travelled to war torn Croatia to work with Bosnian refugee children
teaching them art and English. Lucy’s studies of the Fine Arts at York
University brought her back to the region in 1998 to research how people in
Sarajevo made art and attended cultural gatherings as a means to survive
the trauma of war. Lucy went on to make and show her own installation
and photographic work for several years in Toronto. In 2006, Lucy began
serving as an Inland Enforcement Officer with the Canada Border Services
Agency in 2006. Years of work related traumas, and dangerous tasks, such
as flying violent criminals back to their home countries on commercial
aircrafts, began to add up. In 2012 she and her colleague were ordered to
fly directly into hurricane Ernesto to deport a criminal to the Caribbean.
Events that transpired during that deportation left Lucy debilitated with
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder so severe she had to go back to school to
relearn how to read and concentrate. The chronic state of terror and fear
led to her developing Rheumatoid Arthritis, which attacked her lungs so
severely she nearly died on several occasions. Lucy has spent all of her time
since 2012 finding strategies to survive PTSD, and she found great solace

and healing in joining a community of friends, artists and creative minds at
7 Fraser.
After many years, Lucy returns to her art making practice with new
insights. Combining alchemy, art, mindfulness and humor, she looks at her
mental health journey through multidisciplinary works including Dr.
Emoto inspired crystals grown on plaster cast brains and greeting cards for
the mentally ill. More information about her PTSD work and journey can be
found at
About Artist Patricia Kambitsch:

A multidisciplinary artist, Patricia
“Patsy” Kambitsch promotes dialogue through the visual arts, dance,
theatre, movement, and creative writing. Kambitsch often paints and draws
in real time as interactive performance with live audiences. Kambitsch is
proudly self-taught and her paintings and wall size drawings appear
unapologetically naive. Using simple lines and bold inky text, Kambitsch
exposes the complexity of shared human experience with a childlike charm.

Dead End Studio is a new studio and event space in historic 7 Fraser
Avenue, Unit 13 in Toronto’s Liberty Village. For the last thirty years, 7
Fraser Avenue has been a haven for a community of creatives sharing live-
work spaces in a factory building dating back to before World War I. After
rapid gentrification of Liberty Village, Fraser Avenue, and the
commercialization of 7 Fraser from live-work to commercial units, Dead
End Studio aims to continue fostering that sense of a creative community

Contact Information:
Patricia Kambitsch
Telephone: 1-416-799-6750
Email Address:
Lucija Bojcic

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