The Emotional


The Emotional Apothecary is comprised of 111 emotions.  A plaster brain was made for each of the 111 mason jars.  Each was labelled with its own emotion.  Using a salt solution. Lucy poured each jar individually on the same night from the same salt solution.  With each jar, she channelled the specific emotion of each individual brain as she prepared them.  

The results were extraordinary.  The crystal formations in each of the jars varied greatly.  The more joyful and content the emotion, the sturdier, thick and long the crystal formations grew.  The emotions which were fear and anxiety related formed short, thin and brittle crystals.

During the course of the show, something unexplainable happened to the trauma jar.  During the second week of the show, Lucy and a guest entered the gallery to find that one of the crystals had liquified. It was the trauma jar. What made this so mysterious was that there was absolutely no liquid left in any of the jars as it would dissolve the salt. Only two other people had keys to the gallery, and they would never ever destroy the art by pouring water into work.

Traumas dissolve has been regarded and proven to be a happy omen.